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You have successfully installed and configured EVO. We hope you find this site an adequate starting configuration for many small business, organization or personal websites; just change the template and content, and you'll be good to go! This site is preconfigured with a variety of options we hope are helpful, relevant and just plain cool for many marketing or personal sites:

  • Simple Blog. When logged into your site, you'll be able to create new entries from the front end. This can also be turned into a News publishing or PR publishing system. View example blog
  • Easy Comments. When logged into your site, your registered site users can comment on your posts. View example
  • RSS Feeds. Your site visitors can stay up to date using your site feeds. View RSS feed
  • Automatic User Registration. Those that wish to comment on blogs must first create an account. This comes pre-configured with a "Captcha" anti-robot registration feature. View registration form
  • QuickEdit. When you're logged into the manager, you can edit a page directly from the front end! More about CMS features
  • Integrated Site Search. Allows visitors to search only the pages you wish them to search. Uses Ajax to display results without loading a new page.
  • Powerful Navigation Builder. Duplicate or build virtually any navigation system with our dynamic menu builder code. The menu above, for example. More about menu features
  • Ajax ready. You're on your way to Web 2.0 and AJAX goodness. More about Ajax features
  • Custom "page not found (404)" page. Help visitors who go astray to find what they're looking for. View 404 page
  • Contact Us form. A highly configurable contact form you should customize to point to the right email address. Comes pre-configured to prevent mail-form-injection so your site does not become a source for spam. View form
  • Newest documents list. Shows your visitor the most recently added pages (configurable).
  • Customizable Content Manager. Preview uploaded images, hide or rename fields and lots more. See ManagerManager's documentation for details and instructions. Quick start: ManagerManager by default will look for "rules" in a Chunk named "mm_rules". Simply copy or rename the Chunk named "mm_demo_rules" to "mm_rules" and try it out!
  • phpThumb. Examples to use phpThumb to crop images.

Full documentation can be found on the official documentation site.

To log into the EVO Control Panel and start customizing this site, point your browser to /manager/.

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